Telefuture ’80s NBC news segment

Telefuture: ’80s NBC news segment on future of TV technologies

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Start your tape machines! An NBC news report from the eighties that explores “Telefuture,” the predicted world of future television in the US. The segment focuses on information services technologies, including Teletext and Viewdata systems.

This is particularly fascinating given that now, in 2010, “convergence” of Internet services back to the television is the latest trend. This video also includes a couple of hopefully interesting/amusing beginning and ending clips bracketing the report.

Oddly, not one mention of Google TV, Apple TV, or YouTube.

More about this segment on Lauren Weinstein’s Vortex Video Archive, and more about the techniques used to archive these fantastic old retrofuturistic video clips here: the Betamax Videotape Extraction Lab.

Bonus vintage weird: at 04:38, Alf makes a special appearance.

(Via Boing Boing.)