Cassette Tape Coffee Table.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table.

The Cassette Table is hand crafted with hardwood with a specially designed vinyl label that is sealed and protected with a clear epoxy coating. Stainless steel cup holders give the tape dimension. The front shelf, protected by a magnetically clasped wooden tape-run, offers a practical storage space for remotes and magazines while amping up the nostalgic look of the cassette tape. The Cassette Table is 42″ x 26″ x 15″.

30min Series Cassette Tape Coffee Table

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The craziest chart about Apple

This is actually the craziest chart about Apple following their…

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This is actually the craziest chart about Apple following their insane earnings today.

There is exactly one company on that entire list that is not an oil and gas company. And theyโ€™re not that far from the top.ย 

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RockPaperRobot! is a Brooklyn-based design duo who create furniture, lighting, and accessories. I was taken with two tables that they presented at ICFF: Float and Brag.

float table 1

Float is a table made of 64 cubes strung together with wire, but mostly held in place by magnetic force. The cubes appear as though they are levitating. It was bouncy, too.

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