From Me To You – Sophie Madeleine

099 – From Me To You – Sophie Madeleine

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Armed with nothing but a smile, a ukulele, and a collection of beautifully crafted songs, Sophie Madeleine is fast conquering the musical world.  With her debut independent release "Love.Life.Ukulele" exploding across the internet, she has gained fans on six out of seven continents (just missing Antarctica) and her videos have amassed over half a million hits on Youtube. 

Unlike so many fast burning viral sensations, Sophie Madeleine has also turned 
internet buzz into live success. With widely praised performances in the UK, 
Germany, Italy and New York all in the last six months, Sophie has shown 
she’s not only an elite songwriter, but a seasoned live act as well. 

Steeped in an inherited classicism (she had a music-lover for a father,) she absorbed the greats of the last century – from Cole Porter to Gershwin, Bacharach, Beatles and beyond.  

A real-life genuine master of song, Sophie has spent years honing her writing skills, eventually achieving a Masters degree in Songwriting in 2009.

Her distinctive voice and style have drawn comparisons to Feist and 
Francoise Hardy, while her ever-growing fan-base has labelled her 
somewhere between Lily Allen and Laura Marling. 

Whatever the association, there's one thing everyone who's encountered Sophie's music can agree on – it's something special. With her music now appearing as part of several national ad campaigns in the UK, Sophie’s star has only begun to rise. 

She is now touring to promote her eagerly awaited forthcoming album “The Rhythm You Started”. 

(Via The Beatles Complete On Ukulele.)