London Underground circuit map radio

yuri suzuki: london underground circuit map radio

Map 06

Japanese designer yuri suzuki has sent designboom images of his ‘london underground circuit maps’ project developed
as part of the designers in residence program at the london design museum, on show until january 13th, 2013.

responding to ‘thrift’ as a theme, suzuki’s work explores communication systems in consumer electronics.
a printed circuit board (PCB) is used as a precedent for developing a electrical circuit influenced by harry beck’s iconic
london underground map diagrams. by strategically positioning certain speaker, resistor and battery components throughout the map,
users can visually understand the complex networks associated with electricity and how power is generated within a radio.

Daily Source Code 864

The Daily Source Code DSC-864-2012-04-26

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ABC radio on iTunes

One of the less known internet radio streams supported by ABC is a series of shoutcasts of their free to air popular radio stations. The following links can be used to listen on iTunes and other non-windows of flash based music player clients.

ABC Classic FM

ABC News Radio

ABC Radio National

triple j

triple j Unearthed

891 ABC Adelaide

612 ABC Brisbane

666 ABC Canberra

105.7 ABC Darwin

936 ABC Hobart

774 ABC Melbourne

1233 ABC Newcastle

720 ABC Perth

702 ABC Sydney

ABC Coast FM

ABC Dig Music

ABC Jazz

ABC Country

ABC Extra

Special ABC Radio Stream One

Special ABC Radio Stream Two

Special ABC Radio Stream Three

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MN.26.11.1998 – Shanghai Postcard

MN.26.11.1998 – Shanghai Postcard

In 1998 I had the chance to go to Shanghai to take part in an Asian Broadcasting Union meeting. Frankly, the topics for discussion were mind numbing – political more than practical. But it gave me a great opportunity to tour some of the radio stations in the city and keep a kind of audio diary. We experimented with sending files over the web – and it didn’t sound too bad. Certainly good enough for shortwave. Remember that China is roughly the same size as the United States, except it has 5 times the population.
ABU meetings have a reputation of doing things on a grand scale, in-fact a scale of grandeur that has long since died out in Europe. And because many of the stations have government connections, including this year’s hosts, the Radio and TV of the Peoples’ Republic of China, there’s an official reception desk waiting behind passport control. A young girl in a white jacket spots my briefcase with the Radio Netherlands sticker. Yes, I am Mr Marks, but for the next few days, I’m better known as delegate 157 – please hang this large name badge around you neck. Just in time, I remember to hand out my business card with two hands, English characters face side up, but with a hopefully accurate Chinese translation on the back.

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Media Network May 4th 2000; Millennium Mysteries

Media Network May 4th 2000; Millennium Mysteries

More mysteries solved. In May of 2000 Diana Janssen and I rounded off our memories of the Millennium by recalling some of the magic that has gone into Media Network from its start in 1981 until the 1000 edition. That included the incident with George Wood and why people arrived outside my house at the start of the first Gulf War. We ended the show with a review of the (currently) defunct Worldspace system, concluding then that this was a very expensive way to listen to international broadcasting. Although I hear stories of all kinds of rescue plans in 2010, I think the window of opportunity has closed on the Worldspace system. To illustrate this podcast, a photo of us both taken around the same period. It was a case of the bald and the beautiful, although on that photo its the other way round.

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Media Network: Sydney Radio November 1999

Media Network: Sydney Radio November 1999

This show went out at the start of November 1999, following on from a programme already up on this site that I made in Auckland New Zealand. I attended a meeting of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union at a hotel in Sydney. But I must confess I escaped some of the dry "working groups" to explore some of the stations, including the SBS and ABC. Mike Bird, (pictured) our propagation man in Melbourne took the one hour flight to Sydney and we walked around the harbour recalling how media was changing at the start of a new century. I am amazed that SBS still broadcasts in Dutch – I would have thought the audience had really dwindled away to nothing by now. 

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