Build Firefox Nightly using Alfred on Mac OS X


To easily build a copy of Firefox Nightly on your mac.

what you need to have first

In Terminal Type

mkdir hg
cd hg 
hg clone

Throw this in

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd ~/hg/firefox
hg pull
hg update
echo "Build Firefox? (y or n)"
read R
if [ $R = "y" ] ; then
	make -f


chmod +x ~/bin/ffbuild

Activate Alfred and type


When done the app is in

to open it type

>open ~/hg/firefox/obj-x86_64-apple-darwin11.2.0/dist/


Open source ‘Frankencamera’ is fully programmable!


Computational photography researchers at Stanford have developed this open-source ‘Frankencamera’ using a sensor from a Nokia n95 cell phone, Canon camera lenses, and an ARM development board. Their goal is to create a future where your digital camera is no different than any other computer, and you can load new programs into it in order to change how it works. Of course, you can kind of do that now with Canon cameras by using CKDK, however their approach is from the ground up and should be much more versatile.

(via technabob)
(Via MAKE Magazine.)