Journalism Warning Labels

Print your own journalism warning labels


If I were a journalism professor, I might be tempted to use this lovely set of journalism warning labels, designed by British comedian Tom Scott, as a teaching tool—encouraging my students to go through various media sources and slap these puppies on the worst offenders. Or—in a moment of deep misanthropy—using them as grading stickers on assignments.

However you wish to use them, the stickers are pretty fabulous. Helpfully, Scott provides a PDF link that will allow you to print off a set super easy.

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Matt Taibbi on Major Corporate ‘Journalism’

Matt Taibbi on Major Corporate ‘Journalism’


Matt Taibbi, regarding Lara Logan’s criticism of Michael Hastings’s explosive profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal:

If I’m hearing Logan correctly, what Hastings is supposed to have done in that situation is interrupt these drunken ******* and say, “Excuse me, fellas, I know we’re all having fun and all, but you’re saying things that may not be in your best interest! As a reporter, it is my duty to inform you that you may end up looking like insubordinate ****** **** in front of two million Rolling Stone readers if you don’t shut your mouths this very instant!” I mean, where did Logan go to journalism school?

I don’t think it’s hyperbolic in the least to say that the argument comes down to whether a journalist’s job is (a) to report what is true, important, and interesting; or (b) to report what those in power want reported.

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