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Cassette to iPod Converter:Β Wait, it looks like a walkman and it converts audio tape cassettes into MP3 files and stores them directly on your iPhone? AMAZING! You knew you were saving all those angsty mixtapes for a reason. ($80)

Apple iPhone 4S – Made for the Socially Awkward Agoraphobes among us.

I don’t know if I’m the only one here who hates phone calls and much prefers to message, but iPhone 4S’s new Siri function has me backpedalling on all the slandering I gave the recent upgrade.

iOS 5 impresses me and I’m really looking forward to its release next week, but voice activated everything? Honestly you have no idea how many times I have brainlessly almost spoken a message at my iPhone 4 out of a lack of hand mobility or just plain laziness.

Driving? Use Siri.

Baking a cake? Use Siri.

Showering? Use Siri.

I hate everyone on 3G/3GS plans that run out soon. I still have a year to go.

Oscillating Guitar String Effect Captured with iPhone Camera

Oscillating Guitar String Effect Captured with iPhone Camera

Designer Kyle Jones accidentally captured what appear to be oscillating guitar strings when he placed his iPhone 4 inside his guitar and recorded a video of himself playing. After he posted the video on Reddit, a vigorous debate erupted between experts big and small as to the exact nature of the effect. Many commenters have pointed to the iPhone camera’s rolling shutter, which can produce curious effects when capturing fast motion.

(Via Laughing Squid.)