Apple Stores begin accepting food stamps

Apple Stores begin accepting food stamps

Cupertino, CA — Citing a disturbing number of Americans unable to give Apple their money, President Obama took an important step today.

By signing a new bill that classifies iPad as an “essential nutrient,” Obama makes it possible for Apple Stores to accept U.S. food stamps as payment.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), co-sponsor of the “No iPad Left Behind Act,” appeared at a joint press conference with Apple CEO Tim Cook this morning.

“Food stamps are meant to provide nourishment,” said Pelosi, “and iPads provide nourishment for the mind.”

At the signing, President Obama spoke of the achievement. “Never again will anyone to have to choose between an iPad and such necessities such as food, clothing and shelter,” he said. “Now it’s a simple choice between an iPad and food.”

Some critics have already complained that turning food stamps into iPads defeats the whole purpose of food stamps.

“Hogwash,” said Pelosi. “Some children may miss a few meals, but net-net everyone will be a lot happier.”

Under Apple’s terms, six months’ worth of food stamps for a family of four may be redeemed for a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 (refurbished).

iPads purchased under the food stamp program will be shipped in special edible boxes made of dehydrated cornstarch and potato flour, designed to help stretch a family’s food budget.

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PadFoot iPad Stand

PadFoot iPad Stand by Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp

padfoot 1

PadFoot is a new stand for iPad from Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp. Designed to match the iPad’s simplicity and elegance, PadFoot can be used to prop up your iPad for video viewing or slid underneath for comfort when typing. PaFoot can be used in both landscape and portrait mode and is available in white, black, magenta, green and blue for sale on Shapeways.

padfoot 2

padfoot 3

padfoot 4

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iPad WaterGuard Case

Inspected Gadget: iPad WaterGuard Case

A few months back, before the iPad’s release, I had posted the TrendyDigital WaterGuard waterproof iPad cover as a joke. Now, not only does it feel totally applicable for Wet Water Week, but it also looks to be the type of thing that would work well by the hot tub, poolside, bathside, or even if you use your iPad near the kitchen sink or around little ones with grubby hands. Doesn’t look pretty, but I’ll eat my words since according to reviews it apparently does its job well. I get the feeling you wouldn’t want to submerge it.

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Yubikey used for strong authentication with Apple iPad

Yubikey used for strong authentication with Apple iPad

Yubico, the leader in open source strong authentication, has successfully tested its innovative YubiKey with Apple’s iPad.

The iPad is recognized by many as a game changing device positioned between the laptop and the smart phone which sold one million devices in it’s first month. As this device is likely to be used with many applications requiring strong authentication, the YubiKey is the ideal partner.

Currently, the YubiKey has to be connected to the dock of the iPad using Apple’s Camera Connection kit which provides a standard USB port. Once connected, the iPad recognizes the YubiKey as a standard keyboard. Used with the iPad’s Safari browser, the user navigates to a site which requires the YubiKey. In the login field the user touches the YubiKey button and a securely encrypted one time pass code is generated and sent to the site. The YubiKey requires no client software as it uses the standard USB keyboard interface for sending the pass codes.

The popular single sign-on service LastPass is working on adding YubiKey support to their iPad app. Yubico look forward to other iPad application developers taking advantage of the YubiKey when easy and strong authentication is a benefit.

Strong Authentication on the iPad from John Salter on Vimeo.