Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

Could This Be The Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

iOS 7 Inspiration?

Once you see this you won’t be able to unsee it… What if the color inspiration for iOS 7′s iconography came from Apple’s own past, the original Apple logo which was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977? That’s the idea that Jordan Halvorsen came up with, and as you can see in the image above, it’s not a bad guess. The colors aren’t quite exact but they aren’t too far off.

In this interview with creativebits, Janoff speaks about the process of Steve Jobs choosing the multi-colored Apple logo.

CB: At the time most logos were single color or 2 color logos. Anybody fought against the color stripes?

RJ: Steve liked the idea, because he liked things that were outside the box. And, it’s not so revolutionary now, but it was a little different then. However I did get a lot of opposition from one of the higher account executives at agency. He was sort of working against me on the meeting where I presented the work to Steve. He made a comment that if this new company went ahead and produced stationary in all these colors they will go bankrupt before they start the business. That was kind of the attitude that I was facing from the agency. But Steve liked it right off. He’s a pretty perceptive guy as we later learned and he liked the uniqueness of it as well.

(Via The Fox Is Black.)