This is Now

This is Now, Real-Time Streams of Instagram Photos From Select Cities

This is Now

This is Now is a site that compiles city-specific streams of Instagram photos as the photos are posted. The streams serve as a kind of fast-paced visual storyline of what is going on in a given city right now: try New York City, Tokyo, and London. This is Now was created by Lexical Gap in Australia.

via Matthew Ingram & Breanna Hughes

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Bright Green


Everything is Amazing and nobody is happy

Ya, because everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy. Like in my lifetime the changes in the world have been incredible. When I was a kid we had a rotary phone. We had a phone you had to stand next to and you had to dial it, (yes) you know. You know, you ever realize how primitive, you’re making sparks in a phone and you actually would hate people with zeros in their numbers ’cause it was more (right) oh, this guy’s got two zeros, forget that guy, why do I wanna, ugh… and then if, if they called and you weren’t home the phone would just ring lonely by itself. And then when, if you wanted money you had to go in the bank for (yes) when it was open for like three hours. You had to stand in line, write yourself a check like an idiot, and then when you ran outta money you just go, well I can’t do any more things now (yeah, right) I can’t do any more things (that’s it, yeah) that was it.

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