Dragon Fruit

This is Dragon Fruit (Thailand)

Pitaya, or dragon fruit, is a strange edible that is commonly sold (at a premium) in Asian food markets. The fruit is hot pink on the outside with an edible, white interior flesh that is dotted throughout with tiny, black seeds. The taste is mildly sweet, ever-so-slightly sour, and if I’m being honest, rather bland. Its saving grace are the crunchy seeds as they create a textured sensation that is fun to eat, not unlike a kiwi, but more exotic. I like it fresh and chilled, spooned straight out of that intense fuchsia skin.

(Via You Grow Girl: The Dirt.)

Salt + Magic Wand Shakers

Salt + Magic Wand Shakers

Online retailer Perpetual Kid offers a magic-wand-shaped salt and pepper shaker set called Salt + Magic Shakers.

Sometimes… don’t you just want to wave a magic wand over your meatloaf and turn it from meh to marvelous? Maybe all it needs is a shake of salt and a wave of pepper! Now you can use our Salt + Magic Shakers to sprinkle goodness all over your food like a magician!

(Via Laughing Squid.)