WATCH: The world’s smallest movie, starring… atoms

IBM makes an extraordinary little film by manipulating individual molecules

Hollywood loves to go big with movies. IBM scientists went small — very small. The company’s researchers produced a short, stop-motion film to showcase their efforts to design the next generation of data storage, and they did it by manipulating individual atoms to create images of a boy playing with a ball and bouncing on a trampoline. The clip, called A Boy and His Atom, has been certified by Guinness World Records as the “Smallest Stop-Motion Film” ever.

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Kodachrome film end of life, again

Kodachrome film is seriously at the end of its life — again

Kodachrome film is iconic enough that there have now been several ‘goodbye, Kodachrome‘ news stories, and we just couldn’t resist one more. This time, our tale is of Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas (which we’ve had occasion to reference once before), a film processing store which has the distinction of being the final place to accept Kodachrome for development. The problem? The store has been flooded with packages of undeveloped film from all over the world as the window for its processing comes to an end. It turns out that having that distinction will get you hundreds of rolls of film a day, and Dwayne’s Photo said that it would not process any films that arrived after Thursday. Yes, that was yesterday, though the mail is undoubtedly still arriving.Permalink   

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Unmistakable Unstoppable Unequalled

Today I was looking for a CD, and found an unlabelled one, among its contents a found a quicktime file. It contained the legend of the


The Suit

Brett Smith, Jesse Cochran and Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith, Natalie Smith and Bryan Smith

“No People, Clones or Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Film”

The Suit from Danny Archer on Vimeo.