Stephen Fry on Catholicism

Stephen Fry thinks and delivers in a way that you just don’t see these days and he is an inspiration.

From whatever side of the fence your on… its worth a read. Not to mention other great speeches that have shaped our recent world

Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Here’s something to brighten your Monday morning!

London-based design studio Nation brings Facebook into the “real world” by creating a Facebook “Like” rubber stamp. They are now offering the “Like” stamps for purchase in their shop, along with “Like” evil twin that we all wish Facebook would have: the “Dislike” stamp!

(Via Design Milk.)

‘Facebook Login’

‘Facebook Login’:

Fascinating. ReadWriteWeb has a weblog post that ranks highly in Google’s search results for “Facebook login”. The comments on the post are filled with complaints from confused people who think that this is the new Facebook login page.

It’s funny, yes, but it’s a fascinating glimpse at just how confused many people are about how web sites and browsers work. They don’t use bookmarks, they don’t type “” in the location field. They just Google for whatever they’re looking for and assume the first result is correct. All this argument over whether the iPad is too simple — if anything it’s probably still too complex.

(Via Daring Fireball.)