Disney Dream portraits

Annie Leibovitz’s Disney…


I have posted some of Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream portraits before and now the Legendary photographer has released her 2012 collection which features Russell Brand as Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as Phineas, Ezra and Gus, the Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion. It’s the first time the series has featured characters who originated in a theme park and not in a movie.

These ads will soon be appearing in magazines such as GQ, O – The Oprah Magazine, People, People En Español, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle. Unfortunately, hi-res versions of the photographs arent available to really see the detail so you’ll probably need to pick up a magazine to see that – but here’s what each ad says.

Brand:Where every moment leaves you hungry for more.

Black, Ferrell, Segel: “Where you can go on the ride of your afterlife.

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The Original "Mousegetar"

(Photo credit: Megan Duffy flickr)
I play tenor (sometimes) and I find this little guitar fascinating. This is the original tenor “Mousegetar” from the 1950s that is on display in the Disney Museum.
Read about it and listen to Jimmy Dodd play this special guitar with Doreen singing (on youtube) at

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1980s cartoon intros in other languages

No tour of the 1980s TV toon landscape is complete without a look at Disney’s saturday morning work, and it’s true that the company translates its work widely and to high standard. This attention to maintaining vocal style, cadence and meter across languages is extraordinary, but has the unfortunate result of making every version rather similar.

But here’s the Gummi Bears in Japanese:

& Ducktales in Multiple languages

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Now that Disney owns Marvel

The news broke this morning that beloved comic book (and tentpole movie franchise) company Marvel is being acquired by Disney, meaning Avengers mansion now sits on the same block as the House of Mouse. While the business side of the deal makes sense – Marvel has some great content just aching to be made into movies – as geeks, we can only tremble in fear when considering what could happen to some of our most beloved properties. And so here is our top (bottom?) 10 list of movies events we fear will happen as a result of Disney buying Marvel.

10 Movies We’re Dreading Now That Disney Owns Marvel

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