Gimme Shelter: Now in 9, shiny tracks!

I had a little, internal fit today when introduced to this incredible piece of Digital-age Audio re-mastery.

The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter split into 9 tracks to solo at your discretion!

New Bitmap Image

Not only is this my favourite Stones song of all time, I can now solo in on Merry Clayton’s amazingly heartwrenching and infamous vocal crack (which supposedly lead to a miscarriage, mind you) to bask in the sick glory of the “one shot” nature of Analogue recording of yesteryear.

A little bit of Audio Engineering porn for all you Analogue purists and Stones fans.

Welcome to the Future

So this little guy packs a punch. The Triton Audio Neolev is a “magnetic levitation damper” that introduces an air-gap between hard surfaces and say, for example, your studio monitors to reduce and cancel contact resonance.

Your gear will be literally HOVERING, so flanking paths are a thing of the past! After completing an Acoustic Design unit last semester in which I designed both a commercial and a home studio with a great deal of costly acoustic treatments in each, this futuristic little magnet thing would have made my budgeting job a far sight easier if it had been released but 4 weeks earlier. Hindsight is glorious.

Regardless, I want some! You could set anything levitating (with an 8kg capacity for each, 4 of these could hold up nearly any kind of household appliance), simply for the hell of it.

Australia Day Musical

“Instructions for Our Trusty George R and well beloved Arthur Phillip Esq. Our Captain General and Governor in Chief, in and over (LS.) Our Territory of New South Wales and its Dependencies, or to the Lieutenant Governor or Commander in Chief of the said Territory for the time being. Given at Our Court at St. James the 25th day of April 1787. In The Twenty Seventh year of Our Reign.

With these Our Instructions you will receive Our Commission under Our Great seal constituting and appointing you to be Our Captain General and Governor in Chief of Our Territory called New South Wales”

Instructions to Arthur Phillip

Enjoy this Australia Day Musical

Elekit Tube Amp.

Elekit Tube Amp.

I’m no audiophile, but I would buy this in a heartbeat. It’s practically art. Hopefully they’ll develop it for sale.

Design of a new generation vacuum tube amplifier for EK Japan Co.,Ltd.(Fukuoka, Japan) who develops numerous electronic kits(gadgets targeted at both children and adults).
The sale is undecided.



(Via [BB-Blog].)