1980s cartoon intros in other languages

No tour of the 1980s TV toon landscape is complete without a look at Disney’s saturday morning work, and it’s true that the company translates its work widely and to high standard. This attention to maintaining vocal style, cadence and meter across languages is extraordinary, but has the unfortunate result of making every version rather similar.

But here’s the Gummi Bears in Japanese:

& Ducktales in Multiple languages

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Telefuture ’80s NBC news segment

Telefuture: ’80s NBC news segment on future of TV technologies

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Start your tape machines! An NBC news report from the eighties that explores “Telefuture,” the predicted world of future television in the US. The segment focuses on information services technologies, including Teletext and Viewdata systems.

This is particularly fascinating given that now, in 2010, “convergence” of Internet services back to the television is the latest trend. This video also includes a couple of hopefully interesting/amusing beginning and ending clips bracketing the report.

Oddly, not one mention of Google TV, Apple TV, or YouTube.

More about this segment on Lauren Weinstein’s Vortex Video Archive, and more about the techniques used to archive these fantastic old retrofuturistic video clips here: the Betamax Videotape Extraction Lab.

Bonus vintage weird: at 04:38, Alf makes a special appearance.

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A Contact with you Baby – DSC-834-2010-06-04


#834 Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code For Friday June 4th 2010
A Broken Mic Don’t Break The Vibe

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#835 Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code For Saturday May 15th 2010
The Snafu Saturday Edition – Analog Old Skool!

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  • The Snafu Saturday Edition – Analog Old Skool!
  • Traxx
    • Foreigner – Hot Blooded
    • David Bowie – The Jean Genie
    • Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper
    • ELO – Livin’ Thing
    • Montrose – Paper Money
    • I Fight Dragons – Why Bother
    • Bohannan – Let’s Start The Dance
    • Paul Hardcastle – 19
    • Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good
    • Michael Murphy – Wildfire
    • Frankie Miller – Be Good To Yourself
    • Heart – Barracuda
    • Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love
    • Refused – New Noise
    • Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are BAck In Town
    • Michael Franks – When Sly Calls
  • Special Thanks to Randy Asher and Raymond Hagedoorn for the artwork!
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#831 Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code For Friday May 7th 2010
The Fubar Friday Dance Party!

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  • The Fubar Friday Dance Party!
  • Traxx
    • ALL TRACKS AVAILABLE ON ITUNES (I know, ’cause I bought
      them all)
      • The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
      • Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
      • Europe – Final COuntdown
      • One Less Reason – Favorite Color
      • Kiss – Rock ‘n Roll All Nite
      • Rush – Spirit Of Radio
      • Paperlace – The Night Chicago Died
      • 867-5309 – Jenny
      • Michael Jackson – Beat It
      • Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
      • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground
      • Weezer – Beverly Hills (Workout Mix)
      • American Gypsy – Yo Yo
      • The Archies – Sugar Sugar
      • Crash Karma – Awake
      • Squeeze – Tempted
      • Styx – Babe
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