“Still Alive” on a Treadmill

Playing the song “Still Alive” on hacked exercise equipment – Hack a Day

Back in 2009, [Evi1wombat] pulled of this interesting hack, and it has slowly made its way through the internet to find us today. He obtained the computer from a recently deceased treadmill and decided to hack into it. Finding himself unable to flash the existing chip, he yanked it out and replaced it with something he was more familiar with, a dsPIC30F4011. Unfortunately we don’t have any pics of the inside, but he says that he had some fun with wire because the pin mapping wasn’t exactly the same. [Evi1wombat] also gained some respect for the original designer judging by this quote from the source code:

* Damn, the dude who designed that board pulled
* some pretty nifty tricks… took a while to
* get all the drivers working.

Of course, once you have control over some nifty new hardware, the first logical thing to do on it is play “Still Alive” from the game Portal.

Enjoy the video after the break.

(Via Hack a Day.)

C doesn’t love you.

Stop Hating on C! « Pointers Gone Wild

464px The C Programming Language cover svg

I don’t think C gets enough credit. Sure, C doesn’t love you. C isn’t about love–C is about thrills. C hangs around in the bad part of town. C knows all the gang signs. C has a motorcycle, and wears the leathers everywhere, and never wears a helmet, because that would mess up C’s punked-out hair. C likes to give cops the finger and grin and speed away. Mention that you’d like something, and C will pretend to ignore you; the next day, C will bring you one, no questions asked, and toss it to you with a you-know-you-want-me smirk that makes your heart race. Where did C get it? “It fell off a truck,” C says, putting away the boltcutters. You start to feel like C doesn’t know the meaning of “private” or “protected”: what C wants, C takes. This excites you. C knows how to get you anything but safety. C will give you anything but commitment

In the end, you’ll leave C, not because you want something better, but because you can’t handle the intensity. C says “I’m gonna live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse,” but you know that C can never die, not so long as C is still the fastest thing on the road.

HTML5 Context Menus

HTML5 Context Menus

Firefox Context Menu

One of the hidden gems within the HTML5 spec is context menus. The HTML5 context menu spec allows developers to create custom context menus for given blocks within simple menu and menuitem elements. The menu information lives right within the page so there’s no need to create a custom plugin. Let me show you how you can create your own custom context menus from basic HTML!

Build Firefox Nightly using Alfred on Mac OS X


To easily build a copy of Firefox Nightly on your mac.

what you need to have first

In Terminal Type

mkdir hg
cd hg 
hg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central

Throw this in

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd ~/hg/firefox
hg pull
hg update
echo "Build Firefox? (y or n)"
read R
if [ $R = "y" ] ; then
	make -f client.mk


chmod +x ~/bin/ffbuild

Activate Alfred and type


When done the app is in

to open it type

>open ~/hg/firefox/obj-x86_64-apple-darwin11.2.0/dist/Nightly.app