Tax Time in Aus

Information about other operating systems and browsers for e-tax users

General information

E-tax may not work on operating systems other than those recommended by us. Those recommended have been tested and comply with our security and privacy requirements. If you choose to use an operating system that is not recommended by us, you may experience problems using e-tax.

E-tax is not compatible with computers running Linux or Apple Mac operating systems. However, e-tax has previously been tested successfully on an Apple computer running OS X v10.6.3 with VMWare Fusion 3, Parallels Desktop 5 and Boot Camp software, running a recommended Windows operating system. Some Linux users have reported success using ‘Wine’, but we have not tested this. Wine is a translation layer (a program loader) capable of running Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX compatible operating systems.

The cost of software, such as emulation software or a Windows operating system, purchased and used to allow the completion and lodgment of your tax return via e-tax, is tax deductible. It is important to note that you can only claim that portion of the cost that is related to preparing and lodging your return or managing your tax affairs. If you use this software for other purposes you must apportion your claim. Deductions for this expense can be claimed at item D10 – Cost of managing tax affairs on your tax return and must be claimed in the income year you incurred them.


Awesome ATO… thats just awesome! Attention Linux and Mac users; you can purchase a Windows OS to report your tax and claim it back on tax! How could Microsoft lose? They couldn’t possibly allow online tax submissions or at least a java app?

Would you like to know more? shut down! was shut down on the 15th of Feb 2012!

The site was invaluable to students and researchers around the globe.

As best said by cinnamon_oatmeal approximately 7 hours ago: “I can’t believe we figured out how to give everybody around the world instant access to millions of books and then decided it’s a BAD thing that needs to be shut down.”

This is a real loss to the global free exchange of knowledge, “as a graduate student, I use it almost daily!” ~ foldered.

You can check out the follow up on Reddit.

rip lnu!

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