Brand new Beatles


Listen here to “Days Like These” from The Beatles new album “Everyday Chemistry”

Apparently there’s a brand-new Beatles album available…but don’t get TOO excited – it’s from an alternate universe.

A mysterious stranger, calling himself James Richards, claims to have visited another dimension where The Beatles continued recording – and he has the cassette tapes to prove it.

“On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me,” he says. “I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released. In fact, not only was it never released but it was recorded many years after they broke up.”

Whoever made the album – which sounds suspiciously like a remix of archival pieces and Fab Four solo material – it’s available for you to download free right now – check it out here

via ABC Dig Music


‘Moondance (Cover)’ – UNSW Bachelor of Music

Recent live recording I did of a group of Bachelor of Music students at the University of New South Wales.

Nothing like a healthy dose of Jazz.

Gimme Shelter: Now in 9, shiny tracks!

I had a little, internal fit today when introduced to this incredible piece of Digital-age Audio re-mastery.

The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter split into 9 tracks to solo at your discretion!

New Bitmap Image

Not only is this my favourite Stones song of all time, I can now solo in on Merry Clayton’s amazingly heartwrenching and infamous vocal crack (which supposedly lead to a miscarriage, mind you) to bask in the sick glory of the “one shot” nature of Analogue recording of yesteryear.

A little bit of Audio Engineering porn for all you Analogue purists and Stones fans.

Welcome to the Future

So this little guy packs a punch. The Triton Audio Neolev is a “magnetic levitation damper” that introduces an air-gap between hard surfaces and say, for example, your studio monitors to reduce and cancel contact resonance.

Your gear will be literally HOVERING, so flanking paths are a thing of the past! After completing an Acoustic Design unit last semester in which I designed both a commercial and a home studio with a great deal of costly acoustic treatments in each, this futuristic little magnet thing would have made my budgeting job a far sight easier if it had been released but 4 weeks earlier. Hindsight is glorious.

Regardless, I want some! You could set anything levitating (with an 8kg capacity for each, 4 of these could hold up nearly any kind of household appliance), simply for the hell of it.

Pix and Stix – Drummers go portable

Finally! Enough of unrealistic finger-tap, app based performances or hours spent setting up a full kit. Not to mention preserving the life of your iPad screen.

Welcome Pix and Stix – realistic, full-size, rubberised drum sticks (and guitar picks) for use with iPad GarageBand. We have entered an age of totally portable performance and recording (sadly hammering yet another nail into traditional, big-budget studio recordings) with this nifty little invention turning the world of drum-machines on its head. Four musicians and a well-equipped tablet is all you could ever want for a complete virtual rehearsal or tracking session. After all, everyone has iPads these days, and a spare US$20 ($4.99 for GarageBand, $14.95 for Sticks).