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Canon to begin acquisition of the “.canon” Top-Level Domain name

Press Release: Canon to begin acquisition of the “.canon” Top-Level Domain name


TOKYO, March 16, 2010β€”Canon Inc. announced today that it will begin the acquisition process for the top-level domain name “.canon,” based on the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registration system.

The non-profit organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which maintains and regulates the Internet’s addressing system, has rigorously evaluated the current gTLD string of characters’ societal value, utilization purpose, and use in an organization’s operations. At its International Public Meeting held in June 2008, however, ICANN approved the relaxation and liberalization of the new gTLD system adoption rules. Following this meeting, a number of disputes arose surrounding whether the entry procedures were fair and adequate, and it was expected that the new gTLD system would commence registration application within 2010 at the earliest. The new gTLD system is expected to allow a company name, brand name, geographic region, or service type to be used as a gTLD within website and e-mail addresses.

Along with its expanding global business activities, Canon will continue to provide online information and services to its users, consumers, and other stakeholders, across the world’s countries and regions. With the adoption of the new gTLD system, which enables the direct utilization of the Canon brand, Canon hopes to globally integrate open communication policies that are intuitive and easier to remember compared with existing domain names such as “” Canon has made the official decision to begin necessary procedures to acquire “.canon” upon the introduction of the new system. Following approval for the new gTLD system, which is expected to take place after the latter half of 2011, Canon will make full use of the new domain name to increase the convenience and effectiveness of its online communications.

About Top Level Domain (TLD) and gTLD

A Top Level Domain is the string of characters located in the right-most side of a domain name, and represents the “source” within the hierarchal structure of a domain name. There are two types of TLDs: gTLD (generic Top Level Domain), based on usage application or sector, such as “.com,” and ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), based on country or region, such as “.jp.”

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Coffee Inhaler

Coffee inhaler

Coffee inhaler, the perfect antidote to Daylight Saving Time

The geniuses at LeWhif first introduced inhalable chocolate last year, appealing to those guilt-ridden gigglers who want the kick of consuming chocolate without the calories. Mildly interesting, no? But now the company is onto something serious with its coffee inhaler, seizing our undivided attention, especially on the first day of this pointless Daylight Saving Time when we’re having trouble keeping our eyes open.

These mini bongs are about the size of a shotgun shell, and each contain about 100 mg of caffeine, which the manufacturer says is the equivalent of a cup of espresso. Take nine big hits from this portable caffeine delivery device, and you’ll have bleary eyes no more. They’re $8 for a box of three.

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