Print Directory…

The “Print Directory…” command made its first appearance in System Software 6. Renamed “Print Window” in later versions of Mac OS, this command could be used to print the contents of a Finder window. It was removed with the advent of Mac OS X, but can be restored using this free utility. It is funny to think of Mac users referring to their folders as directories.

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Apple iPhone 4S – Made for the Socially Awkward Agoraphobes among us.

I don’t know if I’m the only one here who hates phone calls and much prefers to message, but iPhone 4S’s new Siri function has me backpedalling on all the slandering I gave the recent upgrade.

iOS 5 impresses me and I’m really looking forward to its release next week, but voice activated everything? Honestly you have no idea how many times I have brainlessly almost spoken a message at my iPhone 4 out of a lack of hand mobility or just plain laziness.

Driving? Use Siri.

Baking a cake? Use Siri.

Showering? Use Siri.

I hate everyone on 3G/3GS plans that run out soon. I still have a year to go.

Map of undersea cables from 1901

Map of undersea cables from 1901

I don’t have any context for this 1901 map of undersea cables for the Eastern Telegraph Company System, but it sure is a tantalizing look at telcoms history and the way that the world used to talk to itself.

sc-tech: A Map of Undersea Cables from …1901 !

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Steve at The First Ever Apple Retail Store In 2001

Steve Jobs Introducing The First Ever Apple Retail Store In 2001

Check out this video from 10 years ago in which a much younger-looking Steve Jobs gives a video tour of the first store in Tyson’s Corner, VA six days before the grand opening. The video was presented to an enthusiastic crowd at WWDC 2001.


Target Disk Mode gets Thunderbolt icon

Target Disk Mode gets Thunderbolt icon, picky

A new MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt running in Target Disk Mode will display a new Thunderbolt icon along with the traditional FireWire icon. Once you plug in a cable for either connection, the other icon will disappear. Unplug the cable and the icon returns.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Scott

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Advanced drawing using AppKit

Advanced drawing using AppKit

In this post, I’ll look at drawing a detailed image in code by combining multiple visual elements. Unlike previous posts I’ve done on drawing in Cocoa, this will focus on the AppKit classes. The code will use NSGraphicsContext, NSBezierPath, NSAffineTransform, NSGradient, NSGlyph and show you some simple ways to export the contents of an NSView to a file.


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