iPod nano hack first step

iPod nano hack nixes an app, can’t add your own yet

We’re still a ways off from living our dream iPod nano watch scenarios, but here’s a small step in the right direction. As the story goes, on a flight home James Whelton booted up an iPod nano with a modified SprinBoard plist file that “removed” an app from the screens and replaced it with a blank space. What does this mean? Not much at this point, but it could provide a pathway to further hacking, jailbreaking, and yes, writing and installing those dream apps that make this a great wrist accessory. Video proof after the break.

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Hex iPod Nano Watch band

Inspected Gadget: Hex iPod Nano Watch band

The Hex watch band is the latest, nicest implementation of wearing an iPod nano on your wrist. Most obvious use is for running, and sorta makes sense in jacket/long-sleeve weather… but might look a bit silly in the warmer months. Via Gizmodo.

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Apple Working on Digital Camera Technologies

Apple Working on the Next Wave of Digital Camera Technologies

Apple finally introduced a camera system into their latest iPod touch which was released earlier this month and they're already preparing for their next wave of advanced camera technology releases. We've already seen a new Apple patent showing us that they're considering a zoom camera accessory for iOS devices and in their latest patent application published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office we see that Apple is considering a new advanced camera flash system. The system covers such matters as a flash redirector, new imaging sensors like one that focuses in on scene conditions and more. While the new advances may be found in a future iPhone release, the patent hints that this new flash system could eventually be integrated into the iMac, MacBook and yes – even a dedicated video camera. I mean, why not take over the world of digital photography, right?

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Apple’s autumn iPod harvest

Apple’s autumn iPod harvest: hands-on (photo gallery)

As predicted last week in the Boing Boing agricultural almanac, Apple this week releases three new varieties of iPods for the fall crop.

All three bear improvements over earlier generations of this familiar fruit. Following are snapshots of the new iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch, with notes from our taste-test.

You can find these in your local farmers markets soon, or order them now at ole Farmer Jobs’ online apple store.

Read the boing boing report with more photos by Xeni Jardin

Adobe Launches ‘We ♥ Apple’ Ad Campaign

Adobe Launches ‘We ♥ Apple’ Ad Campaign

Big ad buy from Adobe; I see these new spots on Ars Technica, Engadget, and The New York Times.

Update: They’ve also purchased full-page ads in the print editions of major newspapers. Here’s the ad (PDF). I think it comes across as passive aggressive.

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Apple ‘come see our latest latest creation’

It’s on: Apple holding January 27th event to show off its ‘latest creation’:

Yes folks — the rumors are true. Apple is holding an event on January 27th to show off something the company is calling their “latest creation.” Hair standing on end? Good. The proceedings will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, and will get underway at 10AM Pacific. We’ll be there live — as usual — covering every little second of the action. So get ready!

It’s on: Apple holding January 27th event to show off its ‘latest creation’ originally appeared on Engadget.


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New iPod Touch Has an 802.11n Chip

New iPod Touch Has an 802.11n Chip

eggboard writes "iFixIt has discovered a Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n chip in the just-announced iPod touch (32 GB and 64 GB) models that uses single-stream 802.11n. Single-stream doesn't get the full power of N, but it boosts speed enough that — along with space-time block encoding, a feature coming soon to Wi-Fi access points with two or more radios — the iPod touch could be an effective networked media server, for streaming and transfer, possibly through the new iTunes Home Sharing feature."

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Physical Storage vs. Digital Storage

Last time we did one of these, we wanted to show you how much data we create with our digital lives. Now we want to show you how data storage has changed over the years. It’s pretty mind-blowing. Enjoy!


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