Pix and Stix – Drummers go portable

Finally! Enough of unrealistic finger-tap, app based performances or hours spent setting up a full kit. Not to mention preserving the life of your iPad screen.

Welcome Pix and Stix – realistic, full-size, rubberised drum sticks (and guitar picks) for use with iPad GarageBand. We have entered an age of totally portable performance and recording (sadly hammering yet another nail into traditional, big-budget studio recordings) with this nifty little invention turning the world of drum-machines on its head. Four musicians and a well-equipped tablet is all you could ever want for a complete virtual rehearsal or tracking session. After all, everyone has iPads these days, and a spare US$20 ($4.99 for GarageBand, $14.95 for Sticks).

iPad 2

Apple Releases iPad 2 That is Thinner, Lighter and Faster


At a special event today in San Francisco featuring a surprise appearance by Steve Jobs (the audience gave him a standing ovation), Apple announced the new iPad 2 with a completely new design that is 33% thinner and 15% lighter. It features a faster CPU, front and rear facing cameras, a gyroscope and HDMI output. It is available in black and white on both AT&T and Verizon. Apple is also releasing a new magnetic cover for the iPad.

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PadFoot iPad Stand

PadFoot iPad Stand by Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp

padfoot 1

PadFoot is a new stand for iPad from Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp. Designed to match the iPad’s simplicity and elegance, PadFoot can be used to prop up your iPad for video viewing or slid underneath for comfort when typing. PaFoot can be used in both landscape and portrait mode and is available in white, black, magenta, green and blue for sale on Shapeways.

padfoot 2

padfoot 3

padfoot 4

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iPad WaterGuard Case

Inspected Gadget: iPad WaterGuard Case

A few months back, before the iPad’s release, I had posted the TrendyDigital WaterGuard waterproof iPad cover as a joke. Now, not only does it feel totally applicable for Wet Water Week, but it also looks to be the type of thing that would work well by the hot tub, poolside, bathside, or even if you use your iPad near the kitchen sink or around little ones with grubby hands. Doesn’t look pretty, but I’ll eat my words since according to reviews it apparently does its job well. I get the feeling you wouldn’t want to submerge it.

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