Government raids dangerous Raw Milk Source

Government Brown-Shirt Goons Crack Down on Raw Milk Source

This is just going to get worse before it gets better. And I’d like to find some investigative report on this.

A multi-agency SWAT-style armed raid was conducted this morning by helmet-wearing, gun-carrying enforcement agents from the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Rawesome Foods, a private buying club offering wholesome, natural raw milk and raw cheese products (among other wholesome foods) is founded by James Stewart, a pioneer in bringing wholesome raw foods directly to consumers through a buying club. James was followed from his private residence by law enforcement, and when he entered his store, the raid was launched.

Law enforcement demanded that all customers (members) of the store vacate the premises, then they demanded to know how much cash James had at the store. When James explained the amount of cash he had at the store — which is used to purchase product for selling there — agents demanded to know why he had such an amount of cash and where it came from.
James was handcuffed, was NEVER read his rights and was stuffed into an UNMARKED car.

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Rabid vampire bats attack Peruvian children

Vampire Batty


More than 500 people have been bitten by rabies-infected vampire bats in the Peruvian Amazon.

The BBC reports that “four children in the Awajun indigenous tribe died after being bitten by the bloodsucking mammals. Health workers have given rabies vaccine to more than 500 people who have also been attacked.”



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Ice Skating in Tamworth

Last week I heard of a news story about a possible new ice skating rink in Tamworth.
So after using google to spider through the Tamworth Regional Council Minutes and found the June 25th 2009 minutes and it seems the such a development was being discussed. If you get the chance call a councillor an the tell them how awesome that would be.


Here are the marked minutes {PDF}

And the original is available at {PDF}

R&D island up for sale

US govt's bioweapon and animal disease R&D island up for sale

For more than 50 years, Plum Island, off the eastern end of Long Island’s North Fork coast, has been home to the US government’s Animal Disease Center. The government is opening a new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Kansas, and so the lovely little island is up for sale. On the island, scientists have studied a variety of hardcore pathogens, from anthrax to foot-and-mouth disease. It was also ground zero for biological weapons testing and development during the Cold War, leading to much intrigue, conspiracies, and fiction set there. Now, environmental groups hope to turn Plum Island into a nature preserve. From the Associated Press:

PlumislalalalalalalaSeveral speakers at the hearing also said they preferred the island be retained as a nature preserve, including a representative of the Audubon Society, who urged a thorough study of the bird population…

Besides the laboratory, the island is home to a defunct U.S. Army base and a charming little lighthouse that looks out onto Long Island Sound. And, as fictional FBI Agent Clarice Starling told “Silence of the Lambs” villain Hannibal Lecter: “There’s a very, very nice beach….”

Gary DePersia, a top real estate broker in the Hamptons on Long Island’s south fork, said the possibilities for the island are nearly unlimited. “It could make an awesome resort, with condos and room for a golf course,” DePersia said.

Lab’s move begins to lift mystery around NY island

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