BlackBerry 10 delayed as RIM reports $518 million loss

Research In Motion posted a half-billion dollar loss last quarter, and the company will be pushing back the release of its newest BlackBerry handsets to the first quarter of next year. The company released its financial statement for the quarter ended June 2 today, showing the recent operating loss and forecasting continuing difficulties in the quarters to come. The troubled device manufacturer will continue workforce reductions in the near future as it struggles to return to profitability.


RIM posted $2.8 billion in revenues this quarter, down 33 percent from the $4.2 billion it posted in the quarter previous. The $518 million GAAP net loss this quarter is the largest yet for the company, up from $125 million in the previous quarter. Year-over-year, the most recent figures represent a more than $1 billion reversal from the $695 million profit for the same quarter.

Would you like to know more? via electronista shut down! was shut down on the 15th of Feb 2012!

The site was invaluable to students and researchers around the globe.

As best said by cinnamon_oatmeal approximately 7 hours ago: “I can’t believe we figured out how to give everybody around the world instant access to millions of books and then decided it’s a BAD thing that needs to be shut down.”

This is a real loss to the global free exchange of knowledge, “as a graduate student, I use it almost daily!” ~ foldered.

You can check out the follow up on Reddit.

rip lnu!

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White tiger toy scare causes Hampshire police alert

A white tiger in a field in Hedge End near Southampton caused police emergency measures until identified as a life-size toy.

“Typical tiger country has three main features,” reads an entry on, online authority on all things tiger-related. “It will always have good cover, it will always be close to water and plenty of prey.” So perhaps it should have come as no surprise to Hampshire police when they were alerted to the presence of a white tiger in a field in Hedge End, near Southampton on the south coast.

White Tiger Toy

The force quickly liaised with a local zoo to arrange a tranquilliser dart, before scrambling a helicopter and team of police officers to pursue the beast – only to later discover that the tiger was a life-sized soft toy.

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The Interwebitube “Kill Switch”

The Interwebitube “Kill Switch”

The federal government would have “absolute power” to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative “kill switch” to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Lieberman has been pushing for government regulation of the Internet for years under the guise of cybersecurity, but this new bill goes even further in handing emergency powers over to the feds which could be used to silence free speech under the pretext of a national emergency.
The 197-page bill (PDF) is entitled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.

(Via Dvorak Uncensored.)