Stack Printer

Stack Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

“My diploma project is a…

Stack Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

“My diploma project is a compact inkjet printer, which is placed on top of a paper pile. When printing, “Stack” slowly moves downwards and swallows the pile until no paper is left. The paper disappears under the printer and exits on top, where it creates a new pile.
Thanks to this new way of printing it is possible to remove the paper tray, the bulkiest element in common printers. This concept allows a very light appearance and avoids frequent reloading.”

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Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

Could This Be The Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

iOS 7 Inspiration?

Once you see this you won’t be able to unsee it… What if the color inspiration for iOS 7′s iconography came from Apple’s own past, the original Apple logo which was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977? That’s the idea that Jordan Halvorsen came up with, and as you can see in the image above, it’s not a bad guess. The colors aren’t quite exact but they aren’t too far off.

In this interview with creativebits, Janoff speaks about the process of Steve Jobs choosing the multi-colored Apple logo.

CB: At the time most logos were single color or 2 color logos. Anybody fought against the color stripes?

RJ: Steve liked the idea, because he liked things that were outside the box. And, it’s not so revolutionary now, but it was a little different then. However I did get a lot of opposition from one of the higher account executives at agency. He was sort of working against me on the meeting where I presented the work to Steve. He made a comment that if this new company went ahead and produced stationary in all these colors they will go bankrupt before they start the business. That was kind of the attitude that I was facing from the agency. But Steve liked it right off. He’s a pretty perceptive guy as we later learned and he liked the uniqueness of it as well.

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Cassette Tape Coffee Table.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table.

The Cassette Table is hand crafted with hardwood with a specially designed vinyl label that is sealed and protected with a clear epoxy coating. Stainless steel cup holders give the tape dimension. The front shelf, protected by a magnetically clasped wooden tape-run, offers a practical storage space for remotes and magazines while amping up the nostalgic look of the cassette tape. The Cassette Table is 42″ x 26″ x 15″.

30min Series Cassette Tape Coffee Table

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Bluetooth stickers help you find things when you lose them

StickNFinds are Bluetooth location stickers the diameter of a quarter (but thicker than a quarter). You attach them to television remote controls, pets, children, or other things that you need to locate. The batteries last about a year. The StickNFind smart phone application helps you find your missing items and life forms. It is also advertised as a kind of early warning system: “stick the Stick-N-Find on your wife’s car. Once she pulls in the driveway, you get a notification, clean your mess, and go wash dishes before she comes in.” That is some fast dishwashing.

The company that makes StickNFind is seeking $70,000 on Indiegogo. So far they’ve received close to $40,000 with 42 days left in the campaign.


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It’s preventative medicine for outlet shocks! Keep your kids and pets safe from being electrocuted with our Ouchlets. Just toss them into any inviting outlet to let kids know that a bandage equals an ouchie! We weren’t going to say it, but here it goes… keep your sometimes dim-witted better-half safe with these whimsically designed outlet covers. Set of four.

Fancy – Ouchlet Outlet Cover

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ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS on the Behance Network


What would you do if you could travel back in time? Assassinate Marilyn Monroe? Go on a date with Hitler? Obviously. But here’s what I’d do after that: grab all the modern technology I could find, take it to the late 70’s, superficially redesign it all to blend in, start a consumer electronics company to unleash it upon the world, then sit back as I rake in billions, trillions, or even millions of dollars.

I’ve explored that idea in this series by re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977.