Standard Time

Standard Time:

70 workers built a wooden 4m x 12m “digital” time display in real time: a work that involves 1611 changes within 24 hour period. Seamlessly documented and shot on HD video, a 24 hours movie or clock is now available as a DVD on the Standard Time website.

Standard Time is an artwork of Mark Formanek, realized by Datenstrudel.

(Via Design Milk.)

Create Debian Linux packages

Create Debian Linux packages


The Debian packaging system is one of the most elegant methods of installing, upgrading, and removing software available. For all you fans of other packaging systems, before you send your flames, please note that I said “one of” and not simply “the most.” Other packaging systems have their charms, but in this article I’m going to focus on the Debian packaging system. Specifically, I’m going to look at creating Debian packages so you can distribute your packages in Debian format — or simply create packages for your own use. read more