shut down! was shut down on the 15th of Feb 2012!

The site was invaluable to students and researchers around the globe.

As best said by cinnamon_oatmeal approximately 7 hours ago: “I can’t believe we figured out how to give everybody around the world instant access to millions of books and then decided it’s a BAD thing that needs to be shut down.”

This is a real loss to the global free exchange of knowledge, “as a graduate student, I use it almost daily!” ~ foldered.

You can check out the follow up on Reddit.

rip lnu!

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26 year old author making millions writing ebooks

26 year old author making millions writing ebooks!

Meet Amanda Hocking!  She’s 26 years old and has sold over 900,000 copies of her books which she sells primarily through digital downloads (through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.) mostly at 99 cents apiece, with a few at $2.99.

She self published her first book in March of last year, and by May was selling a few hundred books, then it grew month to month and she went on to sell 164,000 books over the rest of the year! Then in January alone, she sold over 450,000 copies of her 9 titles! When she gets to keep 70% of the sales, that amounts to a VERY sizable income for her!

On Thursday, three of her titles, from the Trylle Trilogy (SwitchedTorn and Ascend) will appear on the top 50 of USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books!

Congrats to Amanda Hocking!  Who said reading was dead?

(Via HotForWords.)