Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

Could This Be The Inspiration For iOS 7’s Color Scheme?

iOS 7 Inspiration?

Once you see this you won’t be able to unsee it… What if the color inspiration for iOS 7′s iconography came from Apple’s own past, the original Apple logo which was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977? That’s the idea that Jordan Halvorsen came up with, and as you can see in the image above, it’s not a bad guess. The colors aren’t quite exact but they aren’t too far off.

In this interview with creativebits, Janoff speaks about the process of Steve Jobs choosing the multi-colored Apple logo.

CB: At the time most logos were single color or 2 color logos. Anybody fought against the color stripes?

RJ: Steve liked the idea, because he liked things that were outside the box. And, it’s not so revolutionary now, but it was a little different then. However I did get a lot of opposition from one of the higher account executives at agency. He was sort of working against me on the meeting where I presented the work to Steve. He made a comment that if this new company went ahead and produced stationary in all these colors they will go bankrupt before they start the business. That was kind of the attitude that I was facing from the agency. But Steve liked it right off. He’s a pretty perceptive guy as we later learned and he liked the uniqueness of it as well.

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Blacktree’s Nocturne updated for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Ever used Nocturne back in 2007 – 2009? Had to stop recently due to the strange flicker (it doesn’t play nice with Mountain Lion)? Well give 2.0.1 a try!


The color blind among you might have noticed that the Universal Access section in Preferences allows you to invert colors on your Mac. Nocturne performs a similar task, however giving you a bit more flexibility.

Accessible from your menu bar, Nocturne lets you switch quickly between what it calls day and night vision. Even if you aren’t color blind, you’ll notice that night vision is much easier on the eyes when using Nocturne in a low light environment.

Nocturne’s preferences can be played around with to customize day and night vision according to your needs. You can disable shadows and your desktop and create your own night vision by selecting two tints from the full color spectrum. You can also leave it in plain black and white.

Nocturne also lets you invert hue and screen. Give it a try to see what feels best for you. I felt the brightness adjustment slider was a bit limited though and couldn’t really find a significant difference either way I set it.

Nocturne is a bit more advanced than the color inversion features found in Universal Access.

~ Softonic

So it was a killer app then, and had saved my eyes for years! Unfortunately with the update to Mountain Lion and a lack of support from Blacktree (but they did open source it!), it wasn’t going to be fixed anytime soon.

I recently modified the source to play nice with Mountain Lion. You can check out the source here, or just download the latest binary here. As usual just unzip the binary and drag and drop into /Applications.



The Graphing Calculator Story

The Graphing Calculator Story – YouTube

It’s midnight. I’ve been working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. I’m not being paid. In fact, my project was canceled six months ago, so I’m evading security, sneaking into Apple Computer’s main offices in the heart of Silicon Valley, doing clandestine volunteer work for an eight-billion-dollar corporation.

For more info visit:

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Graphing Calculator
4D Grapher

Apple Stores begin accepting food stamps

Apple Stores begin accepting food stamps

Cupertino, CA — Citing a disturbing number of Americans unable to give Apple their money, President Obama took an important step today.

By signing a new bill that classifies iPad as an “essential nutrient,” Obama makes it possible for Apple Stores to accept U.S. food stamps as payment.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), co-sponsor of the “No iPad Left Behind Act,” appeared at a joint press conference with Apple CEO Tim Cook this morning.

“Food stamps are meant to provide nourishment,” said Pelosi, “and iPads provide nourishment for the mind.”

At the signing, President Obama spoke of the achievement. “Never again will anyone to have to choose between an iPad and such necessities such as food, clothing and shelter,” he said. “Now it’s a simple choice between an iPad and food.”

Some critics have already complained that turning food stamps into iPads defeats the whole purpose of food stamps.

“Hogwash,” said Pelosi. “Some children may miss a few meals, but net-net everyone will be a lot happier.”

Under Apple’s terms, six months’ worth of food stamps for a family of four may be redeemed for a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 (refurbished).

iPads purchased under the food stamp program will be shipped in special edible boxes made of dehydrated cornstarch and potato flour, designed to help stretch a family’s food budget.

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The craziest chart about Apple

This is actually the craziest chart about Apple following their…

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This is actually the craziest chart about Apple following their insane earnings today.

There is exactly one company on that entire list that is not an oil and gas company. And they’re not that far from the top. 

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