Suffragette City

Suffragette City

The Victorian Suffrage Petition is “approximately 260 metres long and 200mm wide and is made of paper pasted to cotton or linen fabric backing, rolled onto a cardboard spindle which rests on a Perspex stand. It takes three people three hours to unroll the petition from one spool to another – a slow and careful process. The approximate 30,000 signatures vary in quality and colour inks, even pencil” (Parliament Victoria)

The Petition on display at M.A.D.E Ballarat      (Image from ABC)

It is rightly described as one of Victoria’s archival treasures.

The petition is made up of signatures collected by various suffrage groups and presented to Victorian Parliament in 1894.

I feel like I should have been taught about it in high school.

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Jedi Knight and Sith Lord Engage in Moscow

Jedi Knight and Sith Lord Engage in a Lightsaber Duel at the 2015 World Fencing Championships in Moscow

The School of Saberfighting shared footage, back in July 2015, of a nimble Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord engaging in a lightsaber duel at the 2015 World Fencing Championships in Moscow, Russia. Here’s more information on the art of saberfighting.

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Unique Cat Ear Headphones

Axent Wear Partners with Brookstone to Make and Distribute Their Unique Cat Ear Headphones

In November 2014, Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu of Axent Wear successfully funded their unique glowing over-ear headphones with adorable cat ear speakers through Indiegogo. Now, one year later, Axent Wear teamed up with the unique gift retailer Brookstone to manufacture, distribute and handle all customer service issues regarding the headphones. The headphones also got a bit of a redesign and are currently available for purchase. Founder Wenqing Yan visited the Brookstone headquarters earlier this year.

This week I was able to visit Brookstone in New Hampshire to personally test out the latest headphones prototype and to give feedback on how to improve for the next prototype. We heard everyone’s feedback on the last post and we completely agree with the changes that need to be made, such as color, brighter lights, and a less bulky frame. Please understand that the prototypes are not what the final product will look like, and we will be actively improving each prototype we make. In this second version of the prototype, we’ve already improved many details, such as the colors and added the detachable gaming boom mic. With each iteration, it will look better and better!

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