Island in a Lake on an Island

Island in a Lake on an Island:

Molly reports on an island in a lake on an island and more. Story links: Philippine island qualifies its way to a “World’s Largest” title, What to get the man who has everything? An underwater plane of course, Try air to stay dry, NASA, Valentine’s Delieverd from Space, A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter, Deceive and Slaughter on Ebay, youme, Illegal Advertising Replaced With Public Art, US Internet Access for All. Assets: Taal Lake, Taal Lake 2, Map of the Pacific, Whale fighting a squid, wind umbrella, Necker Nymph, Darth Vader with a Parosol, air umbrella 6, air umbrella 2, air umbrella 3, air umbrella 4, air umbrella 5, Endeavour Blasting off in space, NASA main flags, Main Node 3, JAXA Satellite, Space Valentine’s, Cale Blarsen, Cale Blarsen 2, Cale Blarsen 3, Cale Blarsen 4, NYSAT, Public Ad Campaign, Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, VHS-C Camcorder, Man on the Street, Charlie Bradley playing video games, new version amazing robot asimo, Terminator 2 Style Vision – Creating in After Effects, Free Lemonade, American Flag, World Map

(Via Rocketboom.)

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