Crow Riding on the Back of a Bald Eagle Mid-Flight

Eagle and Crow 5<

Photographer Phoo Chan has captured some incredible images of a crow riding on the back of a bald eagle mid-flight. Chan explains that crows are territorial birds who will attack and harass much larger birds who invade their space. In this case, the attack included a slight pause as the crow perched itself on the eagle’s back for a brief mid-air ride.

More of Chan’s wonderful wildlife and bird photography can be seen on his Flickr page.

(Via Laughing Squid.)

Because America.

The Unipiper Playing the 1812 Overture With Flaming Bagpipes While Riding a Tall Unicycle in Portland, OR

“This Machine Keeps Portland Weird!”

In honor of The 4th of July, here’s The Unipiper playing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” with flaming bagpipes while riding a tall unicycle in Portland, Oregon.

Night Tube

Night Tube Map Featuring 24-Hour Lines Released By London Underground

Londoners will be able to take advantage of a round-the-clock Tube service on five lines come 12 September.

The Jubilee, Victoria and most of the Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines will host a 24-hour service with trains running on average every 10 minutes or less.

The Night Tube will run on Friday nights and during the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Made With Love by Elise

11259455_10203316046495678_964362707_oPatterned Shrug – Made With Love by Elise

11244106_10203316046255672_1244702125_oFloral Crop Top – Made With Love by Elise
11242326_10203316048335724_1860956690_oLace Crop-top and High Waisted skirt  – Made With Love by Elise

11242185_10203316046935689_17187846_oLace Crop-top – Made With Love by Elise
11215436_10203316046335674_1148965307_oPatterned shrug and tank top with printed words – Made With Love by Elise

Model: Rommley Brady
Photographer: Peter Rollans